Atomit Durawid

Duraform Tools

Compatible with AWN and INDEX standards

Short cutting edge change times with high change accuracy

Tools easily compensate for large cutting forces

Many regrinding cycles possible

Short cutting edge change times

Low machine downtimes are achieved with our DURAFORM tools. Because this high-quality system enables short cutting edge change times with high change accuracy. The choice includes basic bodies and inserts as prism, flat and block molds compatible with AWN and INDEX standards.

Many regrinding cycles

The tools are designed to easily compensate for even large cutting forces. Deep-lying clamping elements prevent damage from chips running off and allow many regrinding cycles.

Strong performance

From automotive manufacturers to the ball bearing industry and hydraulics specialists to suppliers for gearbox and engine construction – the high-quality tools from ATOMIT-DURAWID are an indispensable part of the modern turning shop. They create the prerequisite for bringing the performance of the processing machines to the workpiece.

Atomit Durawid

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