Atomit Durawid

End Finishing and Special Clamping Tools

Individual clamping tool for end machining

Precise adjustment of diameter, axial and radial runout

Multiple turning operations in one operation

Increased efficiency and minimized production times

Customized clamping tool

From our modular system we manufacture your individual clamping tool for end machining in the shortest possible time. These adjustable machining heads offer easy handling and precise adjustment of diameter, axial and radial runout.

Increased efficiency

This allows several turning operations to be combined in a single operation. This not only increases efficiency, but also minimizes production times.

Streamlined turning and milling operations

Our special tools streamline your turning and milling operations in both internal and external machining. With our know-how we solve your individual problems around machining. For ATOMIT-DURAWID, application solutions mean: What does our customer want to machine on which machine and how? For this, we develop the economically and technologically sensible solution.

Atomit Durawid

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